Request 40 Days of Prayer

Submit the form below if you want a righteous Torah scholar to pray on your behalf for 40 consecutive days at the Western Wall in Jerusalem! Whether you want to pray for a loved one’s health, financial success, finding your soulmate, or beyond, there is not a more special place on earth for your wishes to be relayed so powerfully to G-d. Add the name(s) of who you would like us to pray for and your request will be fulfilled starting the day after you sign up and lasting for a period of 40 days. 

Disclaimer: If there is any unanticipated change regarding lockdown restrictions in Israel, we will ensure that the health and safety of our Torah scholars remains the utmost priority. We will immediately let you know that your 40 day prayer package at the Western Wall has been temporarily paused until we get governmental and medical clearance to return there to pray and complete the remainder of your 40 days of prayer.

May G-d answer all our prayers soon.