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Everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves. For some it can be verbal articulation, for others, artistic mediums. There is no doubt, however, that one of the most widely-used methods of communicating inner thoughts and feelings is through writing. Putting a pen to paper and taking the time to clearly formulate your stream of consciousness and convey it through intentionally-chosen words is bound to be liberating. That is why many people who visit the Western Wall to pray also choose to leave their prayers there in physical form. It is one of the most prominent things that visitors notice right away. Letters discussing heart-wrenching topics in tear-stained ink to simple musings or conflicting feelings seeking clarity fill every nook and cranny that is reachable. More than one million of these are placed into the Western Wall every year, spanning almost every type of language and origin. 

We not only want you to have the opportunity to have a Torah scholar pray on your behalf at the Western Wall, but we are happy to leave your own personal message there in writing for you as well. Simply write and submit what you want on this form and we will ensure that it is placed in the Western Wall promptly. 

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