40 Days at the Western Wall

Anyone who has stood by the Western Wall has felt its holiness and those who cannot be there wish that they could. The powerful sanctity of this ancient wall along with its miraculous history is the reason that millions consider it to be the holiest physical location one can possibly pray at. 

There is a widely-practiced custom originating in Jewish mysticism that says if an individual goes to the Western Wall for 40 consecutive days and prays for one specific thing with deep concentration and intensity, they will be granted that one thing. The significance of 40 days can be traced all the way back to Moshe (Moses), who pleaded with G-d to have mercy on the Jewish people after they sinned with the Golden Calf. This custom has led to numerous success stories over the years, many of which are considered outright miracles, and has thus continued to grow in its popularity. 

Tefilot Israel is offering you the opportunity to take on this 40 day prayer challenge (if you will), too! For $36 per name, one of our dedicated Torah scholars will commit to praying at the Western Wall on your behalf for 40 consecutive days. G-d-willing, all our prayers will be answered by virtue of this longstanding segulah (spiritual remedy)!