About Tefilot Israel

Tefilot Israel is under the direction of R’ Simcha Margaliot, a pioneer of internet philanthropy known largely for his Jewish-focused startups and initiatives.

Prior to creating Tefilot Israel, R’ Margaliot developed and managed the highly successful project known as Shomrei Shvi’it. He launched this venture in an effort to provide Jews with the unique opportunity to fulfill the Torah-bound commandment known as Shmita (allowing the agricultural land of Israel to lie fallow every seventh year). Shomrei Shvi’it purchased tracts of land throughout Eretz Yisrael for the sole purpose of ensuring that it would not be ploughed nor harvested during the Shmita year, garnering national support from a wide range of rabbis and Halachic authorities. 

Additionally, Rabbi Margaliot served as a director at the Bikur Cholim hospital in central Jerusalem. He is also involved with numerous non-profits dedicated to educational, humanitarian, and safety-oriented pursuits. 

Now, with Tefilot Israel, R’ Margaliot strives to continue making Mitzvot and prayer more accessible to everyone.