Tefilot Israel

Connect with G-d from Wherever, Whenever.

Transcend physical limitations and tap into the power of prayer from wherever you are. Connect with G-d at some of the holiest, most sacred sites in the entire world. From the 2,000-year-old Western Wall (HaKotel HaMa’aravi) to the final resting places of pivotal figureheads in Jewish history, you can take part in the longstanding custom to pray at such locations, too! 

We understand that traveling from near and far to visit these extraordinarily special places in-person is not always feasible. That is why we created Tefilot Israel: to provide everyone with this opportunity by sending dedicated, righteous individuals to pray wholeheartedly throughout Israel on your behalf.

Women in Prayer

There are 3 auspicious times for a woman to pray, especially to be blessed with children. These are: After a woman has immersed in a

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Why Pray?

It’s not a matter of changing G-d’s mind. When we pray we become more spiritual beings, who are then more “fitting” to receive that which

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When the Answer is “No”

Does G-d always answers prayers? Absolutely. Sometimes, though, the answer is “no”.  A child begs his father for some candy. Crouching down beside his young

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