It’s not a matter of changing G-d’s mind. When we pray we become more spiritual beings, who are then more “fitting” to receive that which we have prayed hard for. We can therefore use these gifts more properly and grow from them.

Prayer is G-d’s way of telling the Jewish People, “Speak to Me and I will listen”. It allows us to unburden ourselves to a Higher Being – G-d, who sees all and knows all, and loves us unconditionally, even if we don’t see it. 

When we are going through times of stress, anxiety, failure in our relationships, livelihood and health, prayer is G-d’s gift to us, reminding us that we are NOT in control and only He can help. 

Hey. One second. That’s awesome. So you’re saying that at the end of the day, I’m not in control anyway? I just need to do my best and ask G-d to do the rest?


Doesn’t that come as a relief to you? We as humans have been created with a natural desire to be in control. It’s up to us to fight this natural tendency and train ourselves to put our lives in G-d’s Hands. All He wants from us is to try and try again. The outcome? That’s up to Him.

True Story

There is a true story of a man who was struggling financially. He tried pulling all the strings, juggling a number of jobs at a time, dealing with intense stress and and pressure, but still not able to achieve his desired results.

One night he had two dreams. He was sitting in the cockpit of a spaceship, surrounded by levers, buttons and dials. Suddenly the spaceship began to tilt to one side, slowly spinning out of control. Panicked, the man began to pull, tug, press and push the dials and buttons, trying his best to maintain control of the spaceship. To his dismay, the more he tried to steady it, the more the ship tilted.

Then, for some reason unbeknown to him, the man threw his hands up in the air, abandoning aircraft’s control panel. He watched in surprise as the levels began to move independently, the buttons press themselves in and the dials turn. Slowly, the spaceship regained control and sailed on smoothly.

Still in the abyss of sleep, the man recounts finding himself riding a horse. The strong animal began to turn its head ferociously, kicking and and traveling in the wrong direction. The man held tightly to the horse’s reigns, trying unsuccessfully with all his might to calm it, leading it in the right direction. After numerous attempts, again, for some unknown reason, the man suddenly let go of the reigns. As soon as this happened, the horse calmed and began peacefully trotting toward the desired destination.

Awaking from these two dreams, it was clear to this man what he needed to do. Soon after, he experienced countless successes in his business and personal life, which, he states, was all due to him, “letting go of the reigns” and leaving it up to G-d.

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