When the Answer is “No”

Does G-d always answers prayers? Absolutely. Sometimes, though, the answer is “no”.  A child begs his father for some candy. Crouching down beside his young boy, the father tells him, “I’m sorry, you can’t have any now”. Inevitably, the child begins to cry and beg more.  What’s the big deal? Can’t the father just let […]

Praying for the “Small Things”

Often people feel they can only pray to G-d for the “Big Things”; money, recovery from illness, finding a spouse etc. This is a misconception. Although we’d rather not “bother” G-d with our seemingly “small”, “unimportant” issues, G-d loves our prayers and wants us to turn to Him for every need, how ever insignificant we […]

Women in Prayer

There are 3 auspicious times for a woman to pray, especially to be blessed with children. These are: After a woman has immersed in a mikveh After lighting candles for Shabbat or festivals While she is making challah These three mitzvot, which are especially associated with women, will elevate one’s prayers, having performed acts of […]


Why do we need to pray if G-d knows our every need? If a billionaire handed his son his credit card with unlimited cash access, his son would grow up spoiled and irresponsible.  In the same light, if G-d gave us everything we wanted automatically, we would never grow, define what we want in life […]

Why Pray?

It’s not a matter of changing G-d’s mind. When we pray we become more spiritual beings, who are then more “fitting” to receive that which we have prayed hard for. We can therefore use these gifts more properly and grow from them. Prayer is G-d’s way of telling the Jewish People, “Speak to Me and […]