Often people feel they can only pray to G-d for the “Big Things”; money, recovery from illness, finding a spouse etc.

This is a misconception. Although we’d rather not “bother” G-d with our seemingly “small”, “unimportant” issues, G-d loves our prayers and wants us to turn to Him for every need, how ever insignificant we feel they are.

A young mother recounted one afternoon that she spent with her 4-year-old daughter. It was a hot day and she had no interest to spend it outdoors, away from the airconditioning. She had bought her 4-year-old a pack of markers and watched as the girl lost herself in a world of color.

During the activity, her daughter called out, “Mummy, thank you for the markers. I’m really enjoying them.” 

The mother was elated as she thought to herself, “You recognize that they were from me? In that case, I’d be happy to buy you something new every day!”

When we are appreciated for the small things we do, we are able to give more, and more willingly.

In a similar way, G-d loves it when we recognize that He does everything, big and small. The green light you didn’t have to stop at, the exact change in your pocket, or the last appointment available just for you – these are all organized by G-d. And when we pray for these seemingly tiny things, G-d says, “You recognize that I’m the One running the world? I’d be happy to give you more!”

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