As we continue to monitor Israel’s status with COVID-19, we are excited to announce that government and health officials are allowing visitors back to the Western Wall. Our Torah scholars are now officially able to return there to pray and greatly look forward to doing so. Please note that our services listed under ‘Prayers at Kivrei Tzadikim’ and ‘Special Monthly Prayer Plan’ are still temporarily on hold as the country gradually opens back up. Updates will continue to be posted here if any changes occur.

Disclaimer: If there are any changes regarding governmental and medical opinions on visiting the Western Wall, Tefilot Israel will obey such changes and prioritize the health and safety of our prayer agents. We will notify you immediately if such a change occurs and let you know how we will be taking care of fulfilling your prayer package to ensure that the circumstances do not impact it.

Can I request more than one person to be prayed for?

Yes! Prayers can be arranged for as many people as you want, and for all of their different needs. The cost of 40 days of prayer is per person and you should choose the requested number of people to be prayed for on the registration form.

If I don’t know my/their Hebrew name, can you still pray for me/them?

Of course. G-d recognizes names in all languages, although it is preferable to give the Hebrew names of the person being prayed for and his/her mother’s as well.

Who are the people who will be praying for me?

We exclusively seek and recruit the help of committed Torah scholars whose values lie in becoming closer to G-d. In return for financial support for themselves and their families, they devote their time to visiting the Western Wall on a daily basis and undertake other similar endeavors – such as traveling to the final resting places of great Jewish leaders, to pray on your behalf. 

If someone else is praying for me, do I still need to pray? 

It is extremely important to keep in mind that asking someone else to intercede on your behalf does not in any way remove your personal obligation to pray, but rather strengthens the power of your own prayers.

When is the deadline for booking 40 days of prayer?

Prayers can be booked throughout the year.

Why do I have to pay money in order to have someone pray on my behalf at the Western Wall?

We are grateful and honored to deliver and relay prayers from all over the world at the Western Wall and other holy sites. Inevitably, however, there are a host of costs involved in what we do that need to be covered in order to propel our mission and project forward. From financially supporting our Torah scholars who spend countless hours each day traveling and praying in honor of each individual request, to taking care of site maintenance, advertising, and general administrative work, we are required to charge a relatively small fee for our services so that we can continue to grow and be sustainable.

If you have a question that was not answered above, please feel free to contact us through this form and we will be happy to help!