Praying for You Amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

What the world needs now is a miracle.

Tefilot Israel is offering you an opportunity for righteous Torah scholars in the Holy Land of Israel to pray on your behalf at the Western Wall in Jerusalem for health and strength amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The proceeds for each prayer request go directly to supporting our Torah scholars and their families during this difficult time – and each of their prayers for YOU goes directly to G-d! 

We have always been living with uncertainty… but now that uncertainty is staring at us squarely in the face. With millions throughout the world infected by a virus that even our most advanced medical resources are not equipped to handle yet, a wave of reality has rushed over us as a stark reminder that G-d is ultimately in charge. 

Not since the Second World War has there been anything in comparison to the strict measures implemented around the globe that have come to affect every aspect of daily life. Many are spending who-knows-how-long in homebound isolation. The usually bustling streets of cities around the globe have been left dark and deserted. Countless businesses, restaurants, schools, and houses of worship have shuttered their doors. Millions are sick. Hundreds of thousands have died. When we think of all that’s been taken away from us in this unsettling period, it is hard to simultaneously see the amazing opportunities we have been handed as well. 

Think back through the past few years of your life. Your job, your family, your friends, all of the miscellaneous activities that somehow manage to fill each day and spill over to the next. The more we have advanced physically and materialistically, the less we have focused on our spiritual well-being and growth. Our time is mostly spent on relatively valueless things. To freely explore G-d’s wondrous world has become a luxury to many – instead, we find that our lives have been preoccupied with superficial mundanities. Now is the time to change that.

Isn’t it insane that we have not stopped to focus on what really matters most until now, when we have been forced to by a deadly pandemic? When was the last time we were able to reprioritize work, an event, or even shopping, for some much needed self-reflection? The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is the darkness that we must try to dispel with the light of prayer. Prayer for a cure, prayer for an end to this pandemic, and prayer for even the most critically ill to miraculously recover soon. 

Millions have been forced into quarantine, otherwise known as “bidud” in Hebrew. Using the alphanumeric system of Gematria to assign numerical equivalents to the Hebrew letters, we see that “bidud” is equal to 26, also amounting to the tetragrammaton of G-d’s name, Yud Kay Vav Kay. It can’t be a coincidence that this period of isolation is uncannily connected to G-d’s name. 

Now it’s up to us to make meaning of that connection by using the extra time we have unexpectedly been given to focus on our relationship with the Almighty.