Request an Entire Year of Prayer

Sign up below for an entire year of prayers at the Western Wall on your behalf! For $360, submit up to five names that our Torah scholars will pray for at the holiest site in the world for 365 consecutive days. Each prayer request will be fulfilled starting this upcoming Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) until the next. Our early bird special means that we will begin praying for you the day after you register for no additional cost if you sign up before September 18, 2020, so fill out the form below as soon as possible to get more prayers for free! If you would like to submit more than five names to be prayed for, please register again once you have submitted this form.

Disclaimer: If there is any unanticipated change regarding lockdown restrictions in Israel, we will ensure that the health and safety of our Torah scholars remains the utmost priority. They will continue to pray for you from the safety of their homes until they are allowed to return to the Western Wall, ensuring that we honor our commitment to 365 consecutive days of praying on your behalf regardless of any change in circumstances due to COVID-19. 

May G-d answer all our prayers soon.